Intuitive Life Coach  -  Medium  -  Spiritual Teacher


Hello and welcome!

My name is Kellie and I'm a natural born intuitive, energy healer and psychic medium. I've had the pleasure of working with clients around the world, helping them to find their truth and happiness.

I'm excited to share my abilities with you, as I believe whole heartedly that we can bring clarity, inspiration or closure to areas holding you back. I offer readings, coaching and healings. Let's work together to relax, heal and understand.
If you would like to reach out for any of these services, please make a booking. Let's connect with your guides, emissaries or passed loved ones, and bring light into your world again.

Love, Kellie x

Direct bookings available via email

Client feedback

Let me start by saying Kellie, is just a wonderful, beautiful soul. She is very gentle, kind and trustworthy. After experiencing my own difficulties with life, I decided to reach out to Kellie for a reading.

She took the time to explain how everything works before starting her session and made sure I felt comfortable. She was able to channel messages so clearly and with so much validation, that there was no doubt about her spiritual gifts. She delivered even the most emotionally difficult messages with grace and gentleness. She delivered some tough love and things to work on; all a while she gave me immense hope for the future. Kellie has given me the greatest gift of all, and that was healing. Concluding the reading I felt renewed energy, reassurance, confidence and hope. So very excited for my future sessions with Kellie!

Thanks for changing my life Kellie!
— N Navian, 13 Feb 2018
My reading with Kellie was truly a gift! Kellie is warm, fun, and spot on accurate. She, her guides & mine, and my loved ones gave me affirmation, guidance, inspiration and tough love with a gentle hand. I also got lots of homework which has been uber helpful in this season of life and has led to abundance, joy and a confidence that I didn’t have before.

I cannot wait to have another session with Kellie!!
— N Powers, 30 Oct 2017
I had the most inspiring and informative session I have ever received. Kellie spoke words into my heart and helped me move through some grief I was still holding onto. Her judgement free personality makes me feel at ease and her guidance and insights are so on point. Her words helped heal my empty spots and her guidance assisted me in making choices to help evolve my Higher Self. She is such a blessing.

Get a reading from her - you won’t be sorry!
— A Poole, 7 Oct 2017